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Dalhousie University Bursary 2024/2025 – Application Process, Eligibility and Application Deadline

Dalhousie University’s Undergraduate Bursary program provides funds to assist students in financial need. Bursaries are typically smaller amounts of money, intended to supplement other funding sources. Bursaries won’t make up a major part of your funding, but they can fill in the gaps.

Dalhousie University Bursary  2024/2025 Bursary Program

  • Eligible students: Undergraduate, Diploma of Dental Hygiene, and Master of Social Work students are eligible to apply for a bursary. See full eligibility criteria.
  • Apply online: The application will be available through Dal Online during the dates below. Login to Dal Online, select the “Student Awards and Financial Aid” menu option, then select “Apply for Financial Aid”.
  • Email required documents: After applying online, email any required documentation to awards@dal.ca with a subject of “Bursary Application.”
  • You may apply for a bursary once per academic term.
  • Decisions will be sent to your Dalhousie email address approximately three weeks after the deadline.
  • If you missed the bursary deadline but find yourself in financial need, please contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office at awards@dal.ca to explore your options.
  • If you already received a bursary this term but find you are now experiencing unexpected emergency costs please contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office at awards@dal.ca to explore your options.

Check Canada Graduate Scholarships

Term Dates Deadline to submit an appeal
Fall 2023 September 1 – October 15 TBD
Winter 2024 January 2 – February 15 TBD
Summer 2024 May 1 – June 15 TBD

Students in Graduate Programs, Law, Medicine or Dentistry

Students in graduate programs, law, medicine or dentistry apply for bursaries through their faculty:

King’s College

Students attending the University of King’s College should contact the King’s Registrar’s Office for information on available bursaries.

Research external options

There are a number of external scholarships offered to university students on behalf of outside organizations.

Bursary FAQs

Am I automatically considered for all bursaries at Dalhousie?

You will be considered for most buraries through the undergraduate bursary application, but you may be eligible for others. Check the awards section in the academic calendar and with your Department and Faculty for other possible options.

How are bursary amounts determined?

A number of factors affect the bursary amount a student is awarded. Annual bursary budget, the number of eligible applicants, a student’s year or study, whether they have dependents, and their demonstated financial need are some of the major factors. Financial need is determined by comparing your resources with your expenses.

How will I receive the bursary money?

Dalhousie Undergraduate bursaries are provided to students one of three ways:

  1. Through Interac e-Transfer to your Dalhousie Email address to a Canadian bank account.
  2. Through Interac e-Transfer to your Dalhousie Email address to a international bank account.
  3. Applied to your Dalhousie Student Account.

Follow these steps to accept an e-transfer:

  • Open the Interac email and select your bank and log in
  • Enter the correct answer to the security question
  • Select an account to deposit the funds
  • Review and confirm the information that you have entered

If you cannot locate the e-transfer email, please check your Dalhousie email account on a computer, and check your spam, junk, and clutter folders.

Can I appeal the bursary decision?

If you were not awarded a bursary but feel your situation warrants reconsideration, please submit an appeal via email to awards@dal.ca. If the Awards Office can accomodate appeals, the deadline will be listed on our website.

Do I have to pay taxes on my bursary?

Please review the current Revenue Canada regulations as not all scholarships and bursaries have to be reported.

Who will be notified of my bursary?

We are required to provide the names of bursary recipients to respective student aid authorities upon request. Students should be aware that any bursary money received may cause an over-award on their student loans. At the end of the bursary application, you’ll be asked to accept or decline your name being forwarded to donors of any bursaries you may receive.

What assistance is available if I receive a bursary but I am still short of funds?

We are here to help. Please reach out and book a meeting with one of our financial aid advisors so we can review your situation and help you explore your options.

If you have properly prepared a budget and found that you are extremely short in funds, you may have to consider part-time studies or postponing university until you are financially able to attend.

I applied but was not awarded a bursary. Why?

You can see the reason you were denied on DalOnline. If you have any questions about the decision or feel your situation warrants reconsideration, please email us or book an appointment to speak with a financial aid advisor.

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